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Operation Calhoun

21 June - 1 July 1967

18 Jun.-2 Jul. Operation: BEACON TORCH/CALHOUN Location: Hoi An, Cam Son, Barrier Island, Pagoda Valley, Truong Giang, Base Area 116, LZ CARDINAL, LZ WREN, Quang Nam and Quang Tin Provinces. Type: search and destroy. Controlling headquarters: 1st Marines (from 25 Jun); SLF ALPHA. Task organization: BLT 1/3 Marines, 1/1 Marines, 2/1 Marines, 2/5 Marines, 3/5 Marines. Execution: BEACON TORCH started on 18 Jun as elements of BLT 2/3 landed on LZs CARDINAL and WREN located on Barrier Island southeast of Hoi An and east of the Truong Giang. Contact was almost immediate with an estimated enemy company; 5 US were killed and 14 wounded while the Communists left 23 bodies behind. The BLT continued its sweep west the next few days, fording the Truong Giang, but found little. On 25 Jun, the 1st Mar Div initiated Operation CALHOUN in Base Area 116 with four battalions, joined on 25 Jun by BLT 2/3. The combined force swept Pagoda Valley southwest of Hoi An but only sporadic contact was made with the enemy. CALHOUN was terminated on 1 Jul and BEACON TORCH the following day. Results: 94 enemy killed, 31 detained, 12 US KIA, 74 US WIA.

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