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Operation Osceola

020 October 1967- 20 January 1968

Location: Base Area 101, Hai Lang National Forest, Quang Tri Province. Type: search and destroy. Controlling headquarters: 1st Marines. Task organization: 1/1 Marines, 2/1 Marines. Intelligence: 5th and 6th PAVN Rgts. Execution: OSCEOLA was a follow-up to Operation MEDINA and was a systematic search of the Hai Lang Forest, aka Base Area 101. There were numerous small unit sightings and contacts but no major engagement developed. Results: 76 enemy killed, 4 captured, 17 US KIA, 199 US WIA.

Delta lost 4 individuals during this time frame. PFC Michael Angerstein died in a grenade attack on his position on 10/27/1967. PFC Gary Trujillo was killed by hostile motor and artillery fire at Con Thien [Hill 158] on 11/29/1967, and PFC Robert Wilson was lost when the CH53 he was a passenger in struck a mountain south of Phu Bai. Wilson had been sent to Danang with the personal effects of two other kia's, and was on the return trip. At total of 46  passengers and aircrew were lost in the event, and not recovered until 1/28/1968. All were listed as missing until the location of the crash was found, and are buried together at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Mo. On the last day of the operation 2nd Lt. Thomas Ferguson was wounded by a mine and died of wounds at Portsmouth Naval Hospital on 3/30/1968. 

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