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Operation Ford

14-20 March 1968

Information on Operation Ford was submitted by Lt. Robert Koury Jr. 1st Platoon Commander, and Delta Company Commander after the death of Captain Haley.

Operation Ford involved Charlie and Delta Companies of 1/1, Echo and Fox Companies of 2/1, and possibly elements of 3/3, and took place east of Phu Bai in an area known as the Phu Thu Peninsula. Tied into the operation, 1st ARVN Division infantry conducted Operation Lam Son 194 in adjacent areas. The purpose was to intercept enemy forces which were attempting to retreat from Hue City after that intense battle. Delta Company had just completed the securing of the Highway 1 corridor south of Phu Bai when Ford commenced. Marine losses were 14 KIA. Enemy losses 145. Below is a Declassified File.

Below is a video posted on YouTube which is from Operation Ford. We are not sure if this is Delta Company, please give us feedback if you recognize anyone.

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