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Operation Hoang Dieu 101/103

17 December 1970 - 19 January 1971

3 February - 10 March 1971

During January and February, 1st Division Marines and their supporting aircraft, fixed-wing and helicopters, had killed over 375 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong and captured 25 more and 172 weapons . While contacts with the enemy were only slightly increased during January and February over the last few months of 1970, the VC/NVA losses to Marines in January alone were the highest since the preceding August. Marine casualties in the same period amounted to 11 dead and 202 wounded. For over 12,400 Marines of III MAF, these had been the last two months of Vietnam combat . The platoons of Delta Company were primarily deployed on Charlie Ridge, Dodge City, or the Route 4 corridor during this period.

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