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Operation Shasta II

19-21 December 1966

So far we have found little information about this 3 day operation except that it took place between Goi Noi Island and Hill 55 in the Dodge City area.

I received the following narrative from Mike Rowan who served in 3rd platoon in 1966:

Ray Clark was in my squad, and he had just taken over walking point from me, when he hit a bouncing betty mine that set off another mine in front of me [sending me home], and another mine behind me that wounded another Marine. The area where Shasta II took place was well known to Delta 1/1. We had responded to that area a few weeks earlier after a squad took fire, and had wounded. When the med evac came, both choppers were downed. We set up in an extended LZ so that the wounded could be picked up, and the two choppers could be recovered. We received small arms fire for most of the time, but there were no additional wounded. Our Captain requested to stay in that area, and we were there about 2-3 weeks, until the Battalion XO came out and took one look at the men and ordered us back to Battalion HQ. 3/4ths of the company were listed unfit for duty because of trench foot. It was about 2-3 weeks later that we were sent back to the same area, but I didn't know it was a full operation at the time. It was the same as when we were there before. Foot traps, man traps, and mines. We lost three men wounded from our squad, but because of the small arms fire, the wounded had to be taken out on tanks. Choppers couldn't get in. They called in a chopper with a doctor for Ray Clark because he was so badly wounded and needed blood, but he died before they arrived. I was sent out on the chopper with Ray and several wounded, so I can't help you with information on the other men lost on that operation.

In addition to Robert Clark, Delta suffered more losses on 12/21/1966 before the conclusion of Operation Shasta II

All as a result of enemy rifle fire.

PFC Charles H. Ball 

Cpl Bernard E. St. Jean

Lcpl Ray Debusk

Two days after the completion of this operation, PFC  John H. Reeves was lost in a river and drowned. He is listed as Missing In Action. Check the MIA page for more information about Reeves.

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