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Operation Virginia

17 April -1 May 1966

Location: Khe Sanh, Ca Lu, Dong Ha, Route 9 Quang Tri Province. Type: reconnaissance, search and destroy. Con- trolling headquarters: 4th Marines. Task organization: 1/1 Marines, 3/4 Marines, 1st ARVN Div (one Bn). Execution: At the insistence of General Westmoreland, the 4th Marines at Phu Bai conducted this reconnaissance operation around Khe Sanh to evaluate a possible enemy buildup in the area. After flying from Phu Bai to Khe Sanh on 17 Apr, 1/1 began a series a search and destroy operations in a 10 km radius from the base with an ARVN Bn from the 1st Div searching the southeast quadrant, but the Allied force found nothing. The operation was canceled on 23 Apr and III MAF gave the operation a new objective: 1/1 marched from Khe Sanh to Cam Lo along Route 9 which hadn't been traveled by Allied forces in 8 or 9 years. 3/4 was flown to Dong Ha to provide a reaction force in case of trouble. After reaching Cam Lo, 1/1 made the rest of the way by truck and the operation ended.

There is conflicting information concerning this operation in regard to where Delta Company was at the time. PFC Miguel Garcia Jr. was killed by friendly fire on 4/22/1966 three Km west of Tuy Loan Bridge in Quang Nam Province. During this period, 1/1 was attached to the 3rd Marine Division, and Delta and our sister companies may have been rotating back and forth to northern I Corps.

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