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Operation Hue City

1 Feb - 2 March 1968

Delta Company was not involved in the house to house street fight in Hue City as were our sister companies Alpha and Bravo, but had the responsibility of protecting the Highway 1 corridor south of Phu Bai. This involved securing and patrolling around the 4 main bridges to the south. Delta lost three during this approximate time period. PFC Edmond Hampton 02/04/68 died of gun and fragment wounds, and CPL Peter Filipiak 02/25/68 on a squad patrol 6 KM SE of Phu Bai Air Field. PFC Edward Henry was KIA on 03/04/68. After Hue City, Delta Company moved to LZ Stud and took part in the effort to reopen Route 9 to Khe Sahn.

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